Introduction to the Bible

A Self Study For Beginners

Want to have this book content taught as a class by the author?

If you are located in the Southern New Hampshire/Southern Maine area, I am available to come and teach this information as a 6-week class.  I have taught it as a class at Bethany Church in Greenland, New Hampshire and in small group settings in people's homes and have received great reviews (see Testimonials).  If this is something you would be interested in, please go to the Contact page or e-mail me at                                                                       --Karen

Ever wonder what the Bible is really all about?  Why is there an Old and New Testament?  Do they have any connection to each other?  Is there a major plot that runs throughout the whole Bible or is it just a collection of stories?  What does "Bible" mean, anyway?  These are some of the questions this book will address along with many others.  It is not a book on how to study the Bible, but one that looks at the Bible as a whole to help break down any confusion and make the Bible easier to understand.  No matter if you are looking into Christianity and the Bible for the first time or are a long-time committed Christian with a heart towards renewing your knowledge of the Bible, you will enjoy this book!

Introduction to the Bible is written to help people gain a solid framework of what the Bible is about from beginning to end in just 6 straightforward lessons.  You can work through the book by yourself at your own pace, or use the book in a small group setting to discuss what you are learning with others.  By the time you finish with this book, you will have the basic knowledge you need to delve into other Bible studies with confidence!  Go to the "Buy the Book" and get started today!