Introduction to the Bible

A Self Study For Beginners

The Book:
Karen has provided an engaging, easily accessible resource for exploring believers.  She has done an excellent job of painting the forest by highlighting just the right trees.

- Rev. Dr. Dirk Rodgers, Executive Pastor, Bethany Church, Greenland, New Hampshire

Karen has accomplished what many scholars have tried to do but have failed - to write an introduction to the Bible that is truly just that - an introduction.  Not too much, not too little, this book is a true gift to the new believer who is just seeking the next step in their understanding of the Bible.

- Mark Fee, Founder & Director, First Loved Ministries

The Class: 
I have been a Christian for over fifty years  and in that time I have taken many classes, been to many Bible studies and countless Sunday school classes, but your class is the best thing that every happened to me!....I got the "direction" and "insight" that made my reading of the Bible come alive.

This is a great class for beginners.
- Lisa

Absolutely a must for the "newbies" looking to enhance their knowledge [of the Bible].
- Brian